Uni/Sea Urchin {roundup}

  • Uni Mojitos and Uni Shiso Fritters
  • Hokkaido Sea Urchin with Lobster Caviar and Gold Leaf at Amber Restaurant Hong Kong
  • Steamed and Salt Cured Uni
  • Sea Urchin Cauliflower Mousseline Lobster Gelee Trout Roe
  • Linguine with Sea Urchin Sauce and Caviar
  • Sea Urchin with Soy Gel
  • Lobster with Uni Mashed Potatoes and Yuzu Hollandaise
  • Sea Urchin Panna Cotta Caviar and Seaweed at Picholine
  • Pork Trotter and Apple Soup
  • Tarragon Tagliatelle
  • Sea Urchin, Ricci di Mare, Uni
  • Prawn and Sea Urchin Spaghetti
  • All About Uni
  • Pasta alla Chitarra with Sea Urchin and Langoustines
  • Sea Urchin Royale with Fennel Emulsion from L Atelier de Joel Robuchon
  • Unagi from Woori Market in Cerritos Los Angeles
  • Uni Citrus Ceviche
  • Uni on Asian Pear Graefruit and Yuzu Dashi Gelee
  • Sea Urchin in Madeira with Cream and Pasta
  • Goma Dofu from Urasawa
  • Kumamoto Oyster with Foie Gras and Uni at Morimoto New York
  • Uni Flan with Ikura and Crispy Croutons at Skool Restaurant San Francisco
  • Sea Urchin Carbonara from Morimoto Napa
  • Notes and a Recipe for Sea Urchin Virgins
  • Uni Pasta with Seared Scallops
  • Uni Scrambled Eggs
  • Uni Risotto at Benu Restaurant San Francisco
  • Sea Urchin Risotto
  • Toro Sashimi and Uni from Tsukiji Fish Market Japan
  • Uni Sea Urchin for a Sushi Sashimi Dinner
  • Sashimi with Uni at Aburiya Raku Restaurant Las Vegas
  • Sea Urchin Uni Chantilly Cream in Squid Ink Cornets
  • Uni Pasta with Black Sesame
  • Sea Urchin Salmon Roe Donburi

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Perhaps our recent 8-course foie gras dinner got us thinking about the “foie gras of the sea.”

Maybe it was the memory of one of the most memorable dishes of the last year.

Or perhaps it’s just one of those inexplicable obsessions that attack your senses from out of nowhere.


We are obsessed with sea urchin, which is an odd thing because there was a time when the very sight of the stuff at the sushi bar made me gag. Literally. The first time I ever tried uni, I choked, coughed, and spit it out not-so-politely into my napkin. I felt like I had just licked a filthy post on a decaying, ghetto polluted pier where a sick seabird had been relieving itself. Disgusting.

But now I love the stuff!

No, seriously.

I don’t know which switch was flipped that took uni from “polluted pier” to “sweet, creamy sunshine sea.” The important thing is that it did flip, and now, more than just eating uni raw at a sushi bar, I’m intrigued by incorporating uni into “cooked” dishes. The uni isn’t necessarily cooked all the way through, but definitely not served cold and raw, straight out of the shell.

We’ve pulled a few of the uni submissions that we’ve come across on TasteSpotting. There are raw preparations, a few from restaurants, and several forms of pasta, which is what we’re focused on.

Click on any of the pictures above to check them out, especially that first one from Luxirare, an Uni Mojito!

by Sarah J. Gim on October 16, 2011 · 1 comment

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Nic@diningwithastud October 17, 2011 at 5:12 pm

I have never actually tried sea urchin but now you’ve made me want to go order it for lunch :) lol


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