Triple Ginger Cookies {recipe} and Crazy About Cookies, Food Trucks, and On a Stick Cookbooks Winner!

Triple Ginger Cookies

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We have a thing for ginger, so when it happens that we are flipping through a cookbook and we come across a recipe that involves noticeable amounts of ginger, anything from a Ginger Scallion Steamed Fish to Pineapple Ice Cream and Ginger Beer Floats, we have to try it.

Even if it’s vegan!

Hey hey now, nothing against vegan, of course. We actually do eat veganly about 40% of the time here in the TasteSpotting Test Kitchen. However, we have usually been very shy about vegan baked goods, for we were never sure how cakes and cookies would turn out with butter and eggs.
Triple Ginger Cookies - dough balls on cookie sheet
Turns out something like Triple Ginger Cookies from the