Thanksgiving 101 Cookbook – Lazy Sunday Afternoon Giveaway

Thanksgiving 101 Cookbook
Can you tell that we’re a little cookbook-giveaway crazy? We’ll explain it all later tonight (or tomorrow, if this Bloody Mary is actually as strong as it tastes), but for now, let’s just do this.

We’re giving away this copy of Thanksgiving 101 today because we’re assuming that anyone who’s indoors instead of outside enjoying this gorgeous, sunny 78° Sunday afternoon (we’re in LA), huddled over their desk surfing the foodweb 11 days before Thanksgiving, could probably use a cookbook full of foolproof recipes and advice from holiday entertaining expert Rick Rodgers.

The book has everything from 12 pages of advice on roasting a turkey to a helpful timetable that starts a month ahead (of course, that means you’re behind now).

How to Enter this Giveaway

This is a quick and easy giveaway. There is one step:

Leave a comment on this post with the Thanksgiving dish that you can’t do without. (Make sure to enter your email address in the space provided address so we can contact you if you’re chosen!)

Some form of green beans? Stuffing? The turkey itself? It doesn’t actually matter what you say since we’re going to pick the “winner” randomly, it only matters that you do comment.

And just to get things started, we’ll go first.

We hate to admit it because we don’t actually like it, but our own Thanksgiving table just wouldn’t be the same without Green Bean Casserole. Yes, that green bean casserole. The one that’s made from ingredients that all come from cans or bags.

Good luck! You have until tonight so we can get this book in the mail to the winner by tomorrow!

by Sarah J. Gim on November 14, 2010 · 142 comments


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