Sony Vaio Laptop and Microsoft Office {giveaway}

sony laptop with tastespotting

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It’s summer!

You should be outside, sitting in a lounge chair on a shaded patio with your feet up, sipping on a cold cocktail and doing absolutely nothing

But we know you. You’re a workaholic. Or a blogaholic. Or a surfaholic (the web kind, not the wave kind).

So we understand that it’s not all that easy to just “be outside.” Sure your iDroidberry is good enough for a quick 140-character update or posting photos to facestagram, but when you have to send a 4-page email to your boss, or compose that brilliant return-to-blogging blog post (*ahem*), or just cruise through TasteSpotting in all its full-size glory while you’re eating some fish tacos by the pool…

You need a laptop to take it to go.

So thanks to our friends at Microsoft Windows we’re giving away a summery silver Sony Vaio ‘Y’ series laptop, which comes loaded with Microsoft Office Professional 2010, to our favorite (totally randomly chosen) TasteSpotting community member!!

And hey, even if you already have one or don’t need one, surely you know someone who would love a laptop for a birthday, graduation, or Father’s Day.

How to Enter this Laptop Giveaway:

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  1. Pin, or post to facebook, or tweet this giveaway post and please say something along the lines of “Laptop giveaway from @TasteSpotting and @Office. Enter here: #TasteSpottingToGo” (don’t worry, we set up the link for you. links to this post.)
  2. Come back here to this post and comme