SausageSpotting – $1,500 Total Cash in the Johnsonville Sausage Recipe Contest We’re Hosting!

Johnsonville Sausage - Hot Italian

Ohmymymymy my, what do we want to say about sausages?

Believe me when I say — um, how should I say this? — a lot of interesting phrases went through our heads as we thought about how to present this sausage recipe contest to you, but what else would you expect from a girl who calls sriracha sauce “hot cock?


In the end though, we’re just giving it to you straight up because it’s a pretty serious amount of cash (at least, it is for us).

We’ve teamed up with Johnsonville Sausages to give three deserving winners $1,500 in cash.

Johnsonville Sausage Recipe Contest Promo UnitIt’s easy to take your shot at the $1,000 Grand Prize and two $250 no-points-for-second-place First Runners-Up.

Start with any familiar recipe, and instead of using the regular old ground beef or chicken, just use any Sweet, Mild or Hot Italian Johnsonville Sausage, which by itself adds all kinds of flavor. Hey, and if you want to develop a brand new recipe using Johnsonville Sausage, we aren’t going to stop you.

If you’re ready to enter the recipe contest and take a part of that $1,500, just click here to fill out the entry form! Otherwise, go into the weekend thinking about it — you have six weeks to get us something good. Don’t worry, you know we’ll be reminding you every few days about this.

Questions? Comments? Just want to waste more time on the Internet? Try browsing the Official Rules or FAQ (coming soon!). If you still have questions after that, ask them in the comments here so we can answer for everyone, or if you’re shy about commenting, contact us directly.

by Sarah J. Gim on October 7, 2010 · 16 comments

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