Salmon Tacos with Red Onion Cabbage Slaw {recipe}

Salmon Tacos with Red Onion Cabbage Slaw
While we’re on the subject of wraps, let’s just make “wrapping” a theme for the day, this time with white corn tortillas instead of lettuce. Or rice paper wrappers. Or whatever.

I have this obsession with fish tacos. Unfortunately, the “Baja-style” fish tacos that I love are battered, deep fried, and drenched with a cream sauce. They’re delicious (um, obviously?!), but make the point of the taco not really about fish, but about fried batter and fat.
Salmon Tacos with Red Onion Cabbage Slaw
I want a fish taco that’s all about the fish.

You thought I was going to say “healthy?” The “health” part of all this plays a role, but we don’t necessarily want to focus on just that. I love using salmon in fish tacos because it’s a fish that really stands up for itself in every way — sturdy during cooking and a robust flavor that doesn’t get lost in the folds of a thick, warm tortilla. Grilling the salmon is probably the best flavor-wise, but a good, brown, caramel-y sear in skillet on the stovetop works just as well.

To make it meal, we added refried kidney beans as a side and of course, ice cold beers.
Salmon Tacos Meal

Salmon Tacos with Red Onion Cabbage Slaw

Clearly, you can top tacos with just about anything. We did it this way because, no joke, this was what we had on hand. We could have used green cabbage, fresh instead of as a slaw, sturdy lettuce, tomatoes or any variation of salsa, and guacamole instead of fresh avocado. The tacos can even lean toward other cuisines like tropical with the addition of fruit salsa.

Also? If you’re fancy, you can season salmon with something like a Homemade Taco Seasoning before cooking. We’re not that fancy. As always, we just use salt and pepper.
serves 4


8 small (6″) white corn tortillas
12-16 ounces cooked salmon, any method (you can poach salmon, we seared, but grilling is probably the best)
1-2 sliced fresh avocado (I love to err on the side of too much, which honestly, avocado never is)
1 very thinly sliced fresh jalapeño
red onion and red cabbage slaw
½ cup plain, nonfat yogurt
fresh juice from ½ lime + zest if you want a stronger lime flavor
salt to taste


Heat oven to 250°F. Place tortillas on baking sheet or pan and place in oven. This is just to warm them (though they may “toast” a little, which is fine).

In a small bowl, stir together yogurt, lime juice, zest if you’re using it, and salt to taste (it doesn’t have to be too salty because the slaw has salt, too).

For each taco, place about 2 ounces of cooked salmon on a warned tortilla. Top with 2-3 slices fresh avocado, 2-3 slices jalapeño, a fistful of red onion cabbage slaw.

Serve with yogurt lime sauce to drizzle on top, refried beans as a side dish, and ice cold beers.

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myFudo August 18, 2011 at 1:16 am

I want a fish too. Want this in particular :) looks really good. Love the photo.


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