Pairing Food with…Food – Foods that Have Healthy “Chemistry”

Steel Cut Oats with Citrus[The Oatmeal Project, Day 7: Sunshine Citrus]

For some reason, in all the comments we’ve read and the list we’ve been putting together, we never thought to top our oatmeal with citrus. Sure a few people have mentioned cooking the oats in some sort of fruit juice, but we think we may have selectively ignored those comments because they brought back traumatic memories of childhood when our immigrant mother would insist we eat our cereal with orange juice, instead of “normally” with milk like all the other kids at school.


Then we came across this short little list of foods that alone, are healthy heroes, but when paired with each other, are like the Wonder Twins. The pairs are actually not unusual, like tomatoes and olives, which probably explains why we see them together so much already. Oh, except for one curious pairing.

When we saw “citrus fruit + oats,” you know what we were eating this morning. Somehow, we’re going to get turmeric and black pepper into our oatmeal diet, too.

Food Pairs That Have Digestive “Chemistry”

Blueberries + Walnuts

Both blueberries and walnuts contain their own sets of polyphenols, chemicals that boost our memory and cognition. However, when the fruit and nuts are combined, they not only boost the good stuff, but they quell the bad stuff: oxidative stress and inflammation that weaken our brains.

Onions + Garlic

Garlic, onions, and other members of the allium family are associated with a lower risk of developing cancer. Garlic hinders tumor growth, while onions block excess hormones.

Tomatoes + Olives

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a cancer-fighting chemical, and olives are packed with the antioxidant vitamin E. Together, vitamin E and lycopene can slow prostate cancer cell growth and cut the risk of heart disease.

Citrus Fruit + Oats

Vitamin C with your fiber prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which can lead to atherosclerosis, or plaque buildup in the arteries.

Turmeric + Black Pepper