“Oat-chazuke” with Salmon and Avocado {recipe} – Oatmeal Project No. 28

savory oatmeal with green tea, salmon and avocado[The Oatmeal Project, No. 28: “Oat-chazuke” with Salmon and Avocado]

On the very last bowl of steel cut oats for our 28-days-28-ways-with Oatmeal Project, we thought we were going to cook up something outrageous, something so extraordinary that everyone would remember it for…minutes.

Or at least until the next obsessive post series.

But we couldn’t really think of anything that would really let us go out with a bang, except perhaps a drizzle of Coke with a sprinkling of Pop Rocks. See, as foodweb peeps, we are bombarded every day — no, every hour — with Big! Fat! Bacon-Wrapped Bacon Cupcakes with Bacon and Bacon! Superlatives of fat and calories and “weird” meant to shock us into…well, we’re not even sure. We’ve almost become de-sensitized to it, so much that perhaps the most extraordinary thing we could eat is just…the usual.

We used to have a Korean version of Japanese ochazuke (“cha”= tea,  “tsuke“= submerge) when we were little. On day two of a pot of rice, Mom would just pour some Korean barley tea (“bori-cha”) over a bowl of rice, top with a few things from the fridge — some leftover banchan, crumbled nori, maybe some chopped kimchi — or sometimes nothing at all. We’d eat it, something between cold cereal and jook (cooked rice porridge). It was plain. Simple. But with the tea, still a little bit special. The “usual” we’d have every day until we had a fresh pot of rice for a full meal.

So this is the last bowl of oats we’re having as part of the Oatmeal Project. Plain. Simple. And yet totally extraordinary.

Oat-chazuke with Salmon and Avocado


steel cut oats
hot green tea
salt to taste
cooked salmon
diced avocado
sliced scallions
nori komi furikake (nori seaweed and sesame seed mix)
afterthoughts: splash of soy sauce, drizzle of sesame oil


Pour hot green tea over cooked steel cut oats. Stir to loosen oats. If the oats are very cold from the refrigerator, you may need to zap the bowl with tea in the microwave. Option: Cook the steel cut oats from the get go with green tea.

Top with cooked flaked salmon. (We have been interested in canned salmon recently and think it could be a perfect substitute, especially given a recent bowl of oats topped with canned tuna.) Add diced avocado, scallions, and pinch of nori komi furikake. We didn’t think of it at the time, but a splash of soy sauce and a tiny drizzle of sesame oil might be good, too.

by Sarah J. Gim on February 28, 2011 · 8 comments

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