The Mushroom Masters – Australia, Canada, and the US Battle for Breakfast

Mushrooms for Breakfast
We’ll take any reason to celebrate food.

And right now, because September is National Mushroom Month, we’re all about mushrooms, three meals a day.

No, seriously.

Mushrooms for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And even a midnight snack.

Mushroom Masters, A Tournament of Taste

Mushroom MastersYou might remember The Mushroom Masters that we did last September that pitted recipes from the most talented food bloggers from Australia, Canada and the US?

No, you don’t?

Ok. We’ll pretend not to be offended while we refresh your memory.

We pitted recipes from the most talented food bloggers from Australia, Canada and the US to compete in what we’re now dubbing the annual Mushroom Masters: A Tournament of Taste. Each blogger presented a recipe and readers voted on which was the best.

Oooh. Now you remember.

Each week during the National Mushroom Month of September, three different bloggers — one from each of Australia, Canada, and the US — will create original recipes for a certain “meal.” Throughout the competition you’ll be able to find the bloggers’ complete recipes on their respective country’s sites: Australian Mushroom Growers Association, Mushrooms Canada and The Mushroom Council (US) — but make sure to vote for your favorite recipe here on TasteSpotting.

Breakfast Battle

This week, the Mushroom Masters kicks off with the Breakfast Battle!

You’ll recognize all of this week’s competitors, as they’re gorgeous food photos have been featured on TasteSpotting before: Christie of Fig & Cherry representing Australia, Jennifer of Foodess representing Canada and Tracy of Shutterbean as the US competitor. Take a look at each recipe (the three recipes are presented in alphabetical order by country), gaze at the gorgeous photos, and vote for the recipe you like best! We’ll keep scores, and announce the winner at the end of this week.

Let the games begin!

Recipe from Australia: Breakfast Burrito

…from Christie of Fig & Cherry in Australia!
Mushroom Breakfast-Burrito
Click to get the complete recipe by Fig & Cherry at Australian Mushroom Growers Association

Recipe from Canada: Portabella Mushroom Benedict

…from Jennifer of Foodess!
Click to get the complete recipe by Foodess at Mushrooms Canada

Recipe from US: Mushroom Shallot Bruschetta

…from Tracy of Shutterbean!
Click to get the complete recipe by Shutterbean on the Mushroom Council site

Vote below, and check back next week to see which country — Australia, Canada or the US — wins the Breakfast Battle!

Which breakfast recipe is the BEST?

  • USA: Mushroom Shallot Bruschetta (54% Votes)
  • CAN: Portabella Eggs Benedict (27% Votes)
  • AUS: Breakfast Burrito (19% Votes)

Total Voters: ( )

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