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Basic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

April is National Grilled Cheese Month, so we’re celebrating by posting a grilled cheese sandwich every day. This Grilled Cheese no. 2. See all of our grilled cheese sandwiches >> here << .

If you didn’t know already, April is National Grilled Cheese Month, and for no other reason than to celebrate butter-fried bread and cheese, we’re going to post up a different grilled cheese sandwich every day of the month.

At least that’s our intention. We’ll see how long our waist, hips, thighs and arteries can take it…Grilled Cheese Sandwich, basic
We figured that before we get too creative (not that there isn’t any grilled cheese combination that hasn’t been done yet), we should start with a basic, all-American grilled cheese sandwich — just bread, butter, and cheese. For this, we turned to our copy of The Joy of Cooking, which says that the grilled cheese sandwich is “especially good with sliced tomatoes, spouts, bacon or ham. We like ours with mayonnaise.”


Obviously, we didn’t go there.

We did, however, love the recommendation of pulling the hot, cooked sandwich apart to garnish the sandwich, rather than what we’ve been doing our whole lives, assembling the entire sandwich first before cooking. We tried it, but failed to garnish anything when we couldn’t resist inhaling the oozing, melty cheese right away.

As a side note, is it just me or does cutting a sandwich straight down the middle into rectangles feel wrong? I always cut sandwiches on the bias, making triangles (or cut twice into small triangles).
Grilled Cheese Sandwich, basic

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

from the Joy of Cooking 75th Anniversary edition
makes 1 sandwich


2 slices white sandwich bread
2 slices American cheese or other cheese (we used mild cheddar and actually used 4 slices because we got greedy)
1½ teaspoons softened butter


Make a sandwich of the 2 slices of bread and 2 slices of cheese.

Butter both sides of the bread.

Cook the sandwich slowly in a skillet or on a griddle on one side until golden brown. Turn and brown the second side. Serve at once.

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