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We interrupt this program for an important snacking message.

One thing that became very clear to us this week as we cooked and ate through the color red, is that while it’s fairly easy to incorporate rainbow colors into our regular meals, it’s harder to come up with brightly colored foods for between meals, and we’re not talking about Flamin Hot Cheetos that are a screaming shade of fire engine red or Doritos that are definitely neon orange. We mean naturally brightly colored.

And we love picking up an apple, some green celery sticks or even a fistful of dried fruit, but we have to admit that while we get all the crunch, we do sometimes miss…the crackle of a package and the crisp of something thin and delicious and fried.

But we’re not surrendering our ways to the potato chip just yet! (At least, not until we get to Eating Yellow, when we can at least justify ourselves with the color of a Yukon Gold kettle chip.) Instead, we’ve been tearing into bags of freeze dried Just Cherries from Just Tomatoes, the company that takes fruits and vegetables and does nothing to them but freeze dry them. Freeze dried cherries have a very different texture from the usual stickier, chewier dried fruits like raisins, apricots and prunes. They’re light and crisp, somewhat like those paper-thin Lay’s potato chips, but obviously, with a little more body since the things are round as opposed to flat.

We love them, especially because cherries help with general heart health. They’re packed with anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that protects blood vessels. Fresh cherries are probably best, but we’re between cherry seasons. We saw fresh cherries in our market about a month ago (mid-winter), but didn’t have the guts to buy fruit from so far away. Our own cherry season doesn’t start for at least three more months, so for now, we’re happy to snack on these freeze dried ones, which is just fine since we get the happy heart benefits from cherries in any form.

We found ours at Whole Foods Market.

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