Crazy About Cookies Cookbook – Because You Need a Break from the Insanity

Crazy About Cookie Cookbook

The entry period for this Cookbook Giveaway is closed! Please check back shortly to find out who gets a copy of Crazy About Cookies!

We know you’ve just spent the entire weekend with your nose in cookbooks, racing through the market, laundering table linens, polishing silverware and color coordinating morning-of-Thanksgiving tasks and aprons with mini post-its, so isn’t it about time you take a tiny breather tonight before the *real* race begins?!

Yes, you need a break right now. With cookies. And a vodka/tonic.

We can’t do the vodka/tonic over internet (yet), and while we can’t technically do the cookies either, what we can do is give away a cookie cookbook!

We just got our hands on Crazy About Cookies, the latest cookbook from designer, baker and dessert-maker Krystina Castella. Flipping through the 300 cookie recipes, we got a little more excited when we realized that this was more than your everyday chocolate chip cookie (though there is a recipe for that, too). Krystina has everything from vegan and gluten free versions of classics to Champagne White Chocolate Meringues (we couldn’t do vodka, but sparkling wine will do, right?), from homemade Fortune Cookies to directions for erecting a Mid-Century Modern Gingerbread House!

How to Enter this Giveaway

As usual, this is a quick and easy giveaway. There is one step:

Leave a comment on this post with your favorite non-chocolatechipcookie cookie. (Make sure to enter your email address in the space provided address so we can contact you if you’re chosen!)

Another classic like Peanut Butter? Something more elaborate like a lacy Florentine? It doesn’t actually matter what you say since we’re going to pick the “winner” randomly, it only matters that you do comment.

And just to get things started, we’ll go first.

We kind of have a “thing” for our very own Heath Bar Cookies.

Good luck! You have about a week-ish, but we recommend you get to it now…since you can’t sit around all night, you have a bird to brine!

by Sarah J. Gim on November 21, 2010 · 173 comments


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