Cooking Light’s Complete Cookbook Giveaway

Cooking Light Complete Cookbook
We’re not going to let a silly little technical issue get in our way…the giveaways continue!

As we baconly promised, we’re giving away Cooking Light’s Complete Cookbook!

Naturally, we love Cooking Light’s Complete Cookbook for all the undetectably light and healthy recipes that are perfectly in tune with our New Year’s resolutions. However, the real reason we love this book is that while its “light” name belies its hefty, 600+ page size, it’s light and easy to use because it’s a binder. We can unhook a single recipe page from the rings and tack it up on the fridge to cook, instead of lugging the whole huge tome to the kitchen and monopolizing valuable counter space while we cook. We know. It’s the little things (literally), isn’t it?

We’ve got to get back to finishing up work on our backend (the other backend, not the one we’re trying to shrink with salads) so we’ll wrap up the introduction and just have you enter:

How to Enter the Cooking Light Complete Cookbook Giveaway

Now, the Cooking Light Complete Cookbook has a LOT more than just salads — the salad chapter is actually one of the thinnest in the whole book, pun totally intended — but we actually love using salads as an excuse to eat dressing. So in honor of the most counter {health} productive way to eat a salad…

Leave a comment on this post with your favorite salad dressing.

To get things started, we’ll go first: Green Goddess.

You have until midnight this Friday, February 4 to get in on the action. Good luck!

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