Chocolate-Dipped Coffee Ice Cream Glazed Doughnut Sandwiches {recipe}

Doughnut Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches
We don’t really have much to say about what emerged from the TasteSpotting Kitchen last week during our Dreyer’s/Edy’s Slow Churned Light Ice Cream fiesta…

So we’re just going to share some drool-worthy photos and assure you that yes, you absolutely should, no, you need, to make these Chocolate-Dipped Coffee Ice Cream + Glazed Doughnut Sandwiches immediately.
Doughnut Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches
By the way, we didn’t make our own doughnuts, but don’t let that hold you back from doing so! We highly encourage that kind of kitchenly ambitious behavior, whether yeasted, cake, baked, fried, or otherwise.
Doughnut Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches

Doughnut Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches

Coffee Ice Cream Glazed Doughnut Sandwiches

It is best to assemble these doughnut sandwiches, dip them in chocolate, and eat them right away while the ice cream is frozen, the doughnuts are fresh, and chocolate is still a little melty.

You could make them in advance, chocolate and all, then freeze them to eat later (we did for a few too many), but the chocolate gets really hard (as do the doughnuts) and actually, we recommend that you NOT freeze-for-later at all. So never mind. Just make them and eat them.


for each sandwich, you will need:
1 doughnut, any kind you like
1 generous scoop of coffee ice cream (we used Dreyer’s/Edy’s Slow Churned Coffee!)
melted chocolate (we poured a bag of chocolate chips into a small heavy-bottomed saucepan and melted it over extremely low heat)


Remove ice cream from freezer and let sit on countertop to soften ever so slightly while you prepare the doughnuts.

Slice each doughnut in half around the middle. Our tool recommendation: a long, serrated bread knife.

Place a generous scoop of ice cream on a small plate. Using a spatula, flatten the scoop of ice cream to the same diameter as your doughnuts. Place the flattened scoop of ice cream on half the doughnut. “Close” the sandwich with the other half of the doughnut.

Place prepared doughnut sandwiches in freezer temporarily.

Melt your chocolate.

Remove sandwiches from freezer. Dip each sandwich into melted chocolate.

Serve immediately, with lots of napkins. It’s very messy. Sticky glaze, melting ice cream, oozing chocolate…

melted chocolate in pan

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