Coconut-Banana Banana Split {recipe}


This post is for our Banana Split Day celebration with our big banana sponsor, Dole Bananas. Go [like] them on facebook then come on back here and make this Coconut Banana Banana Split!

We had so many bananas in the TasteSpotting Kitchen that we had to make more than a couple Banana Splits for National Banana Split Day, which is officially on August 25th every year, but celebrated a day early in 2012 because…we couldn’t wait that extra day.

(Also? Because we save our weekend days for other non-food-related things. Like eating. Wait. What?)


This is a Coconut-Banana Banana Split in honor of Dole Bananas and National Banana Split Day. We chose it as a way to feature Whipped Coconut Cream and the Toasted Coconut we posted earlier this week. We would have made a coconut ice cream, too, but we aren’t that organized.

Coconut Banana Banana Split


for each Coconut Banana Banana Split:
½ banana, split down the middle lengthwise
1 scoop banana or coconut ice cream (we used One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream, which, if you haven’t made yet, you should)
a spoonful of hot fudge
a spoonful of Whipped Coconut Cream
toasted coconut


Place scoop of ice cream in small bowl.

Stand up split banana halves on either side.

Top ice cream scoop with hot fudge, whipped coconut, and toasted coconut.

Serve immediately (obvs).

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