Celebrate National Banana Split Day with Us!

Banana Split with Banana, Strawberry and Mango Ice Creams
We’re having a party!!! …

Ok, so it’s not really a party because like, this is the internet. What are we going to do? All get on a giant skype chat and make small talk next to a photo of a table of hors d’ouevres?

No, but we are going to celebrate National Banana Split Day by plastering the site with Banana Splits on Friday, August 24th.

(Banana Split Day is actually August 25 every year, but that’s a Saturday this year, and we’ll be taking the weekend off).

If you’re into it, all you have to do is make a Banana Split, post it to your blog, and submit it to TasteSpotting by next Thursday night! On Friday, we’ll be featuring everyone’s Banana Splits on the front page all day long…

Ooobviously we couldn’t do this without the biggest banana in the whole damned world, @DOLEBananas.  For National Banana Split Day, @DOLEBananas is encouraging you to invent a healthier banana split creation, specifically one that is under 350 calories.

We know. Under 350 calories?! It’s not as hard as you think. We don’t necessarily encourage the use of artificially sweetened, no- or low-calorie foods, so use the good stuff. Just use a smaller ice cream scoop. (That’s what we’re doing.)

Here’s the summary, for anyone who prefers bulleted lists:

  • Make a GORGEOUS banana split (that’s under 350 calories if possible, and with @DOLEBananas, too!)
  • Take a stunning photograph or 20 of your banana split
  • Post it, along with a recipe to your blog (or you can email it to us if you don’t have your own blog)
  • Submit your post to TasteSpotting by Thursday, August 24, 2012 at midnight
  • Watch out for it next Friday, August 25th! (assuming your submission fits within our guidelines)

That’s it. Go grab some bananas. Have fun. We’ll see you next week.
Banana Split with Mango Sorbet, Strawberry Banana, and banana ice cream
Need inspiration? Our All-Fruit Banana Split (above) is made with two different kinds of ONE-ingredients banana ice cream, mango sorbet, and chopped fresh tropical fruits. We’ll have a full recipe for the whole thing next Friday. And for more, take a peek at some of the Banana Splits we already have on TasteSpotting:

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  • Banana Split Mini Bites
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  • Banana Split Cupcakes in Pint Jars
  • Cake Ball Banana Split
  • Banana Split Cupcakes

[click on each individual image! it will link you to the detail page!]

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