Banana Ice Cream with Only ONE Ingredient {recipe}

Banana Ice Cream with One Ingredient
I’ve seen the recipe so many times on tons of blog, I could recite the whole recipe from memory.

Oh wait. I guess it’s not all that hard to remember a recipe with one ingredient

This is ice cream made from one ingredient: bananas. No sugar. No milk. And with no cream, I guess it’s not really “ice cream,” but it magically has the creaminess and texture of ice cream. I can’t believe I just said “magically,” but really? When I made it, it was sort of magical.
Frozen banana chunks on parchment
I was always impressed by the posts about this Banana Ice Cream, but never thought to actually make it, mostly because the recipe require NO ice cream maker. Why would I need that kind of recipe when I have a pretty, shiny ice cream maker (that still needs to be used at least once this summer!)

Then one day, I decided to make the ice cream. It seemed right to use the ice cream in our Tropical Fresh Fruit Banana Split.

Even if you don’t love bananas, even if you don’t eat ice cream, even if for nothing else, make this One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream just for the sheer possibility of something so simple.
frozen bananas, pureed

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream {recipe}

Yes, we feel a little silly for posting a “recipe” for something that has one ingredient, but whatevs, there are still some “instructions,” like having to freeze the bananas overnight, so there it is.

We used bananas that were exactly yellow — no “green” and no brown spots from ripeness. We also mixed the finished ice cream with various things to make different flavors…we’ll share those in a future post, but obviously don’t wait for that. Just experiment yourself with peanut butter, chocolate, toasted nuts, semi frozen other fruits like berries, etc.




Peel bananas, cut into 1-inch slices, and place on a lined sheet. Place in freezer for at least 6 hours, best overnight.

Place frozen banana pieces in food processor. Pulse, then process until the bananas are the consistency of ice cream. It might take a while, and you will have to scrape the sides and push down the bananas every once in a while. Stay with it. There will come a moment when it all just “happens.”

Eat immediately, or place back in freezer to harden slightly. It will never get super hard, and you probably can’t keep it for too long.

Banana Ice Cream One Ingredient

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