$300 Sur La Table Giveaway – Because TasteSpotting Loves You. And Mushrooms

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[can you tell we have a thing for mushrooms this month? click on any of the pictures above to see the post…]

We promised you another kickass giveaway, and who are we to go back on a promise?

We’re nobody, that’s who! Wait, that didn’t come out right.


This whole summer, we’ve been giving away stand mixers, but since the seasons are changing, we thought we’d change up the giveaway, too! This month, instead of our giving you something we pick, The Mushroom Council is giving you something you pick — or at least something you pick with a $300 Sur La Table gift card!

Ready to play? Pay attention, because something this good requires more than just a quick comment or a simple tweet.

It’s All Because of Mushrooms

In case the very subtle 20 pictures of mushrooms didn’t clue you in, it’s National Mushroom Month. We want to see you cooking and eating as many mushrooms as possible, so for the rest of September, Tastespotting submissions that use cultivated mushrooms in their recipe and photo that are published on the site will be entered into a random drawing at the end of the month for that $300 gift card to Sur La Table.

That’s a long sentence with a lot of words. Yeah, we confused ourselves, too.

Let’s break it down for you.

Breakdown of How to Enter the Giveaway

  • Make something with mushrooms. (See the Contest Rules for a list of the mushroom types you can use.)
  • Take a stunning photo of your mushroom creation, blog about it, submit your photo and post link to TasteSpotting, and most importantly, make sure to TAG YOUR SUBMISSION WITH “mushroom masters” otherwise there will be no way for us to find it.
  • In other words, do what you normally do, but make sure to include mushrooms. Of course, if this is your first time submitting to TasteSpotting, don’t worry, we’ll be gentle. But make sure to read through our Submission Guidelines.
  • Your mushroom-based submission will go through TasteSpotting’s moderation process.
  • If your submission is as gorgeous as it always is and gets published on TasteSpotting, it will be entered into the random drawing at the end of the month for the gift card. (If we regretfully decline your submission, well…you know.)

Make sense now? Of course it does!

So hurry off to the kitchen and start cooking with mushrooms! We picked a few recipes (click any of the pictures above) from the archive to get your culinary creative juices flowing, and if you’re looking for more inspiration, just take a peek at all of the mushroom recipes.

A Few Housekeeping-y Things

  • Submissions must be selected by Tastespotting and be published on TasteSpotting to be entered into a random drawing for the gift card.
  • There will only be one winner, and that individual will be notified no later than October 15, 2010.
  • The drawing is only available to citizens of the U.S.; and entrants must by 18 years of age.
  • Sorry, submissions prior to the start of the giveaway date+time are not eligible. Just go and make something new!

If you have a question, please ask it in the comments so that we can answer it in the comments and everyone will benefit from our public dialogue.

Good luck!

by Sarah J. Gim on September 10, 2010 · 7 comments

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