20 Questions with TasteSpotting’s Summer Intern, Georgia!

Georgia Tollin, Editorial Intern
In case you haven’t noticed, and you probably haven’t because she brilliantly picked up her duties without a hitch, TasteSpotting has a Summer Intern!

Georgia Tollin came to us via Brown University (though she is from LA, where our TasteSpotting HQ is). She’s been working on the editorial side of the site and contributing posts to our Features (check out her recipes for Mint Chip Ice Cream and Coffee Cake Cupcakes if you haven’t already). She’s been with us for a few months now but we haven’t had a chance yet to formally introduce her because, well, look at her photo! She’s a very busy girl negotiating business, closing deals, and you know, making dinner reservations and stuff.

But we finally got her to answer a few fun questions so you can get to know her better. May we introduce you to Georgia Tollin via the inaugural post for a new feature here on TasteSpotting, 20 Questions with…

20 Questions with Georgia Tollin

  1. Daily occupation?
    College student
  2. Location?
    Los Angeles, CA for just a few more glorious days, and then Providence, RI
  3. Three words to describe you?
    Curious, Spunky, Perfectionist
  4. Getting personal now…Relationship status?
  5. Really personal now…Last thing you ate?
    A dinosaur plum
  6. Breakfast: sweet or savory?
    Savory, all the way.
  7. Your go-to lunch or lunch spot?
    Joan’s On Third (West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA)
  8. What do you get on your pizza?
    Mushrooms and olives (and don’t forget the parmesan cheese sprinkled on top)
  9. Guilty pleasure food?
    Bread pudding
  10. I absolutely will not eat ___
    Dog, guinea pig, horse or any other domesticated animal
  11. If you won an all expenses paid trip, you’d eat your way through…where?
  12. At the bar, I always order ___
    Sparkling water with ice and two lemon wedges
  13. Do you caffeinate? How/where?
    YES! Coffee with skim milk or double-shot iced lattes, depending on how exhausted I am. Starbucks and King’s Road Cafe are my mainstays, although I dream about the cappuccino at Intelligentsia.
  14. Do you cook/bake? If so, your signature dish?
    I try to cook and/or bake every day. My signature dish is my chocolate chip banana bread.
  15. Three things in your refrigerator right now?
    BBQ Tofu, Greek yogurt, baby carrots
  16. Fav kitchen gadget/tool?
    My KitchenAid stand mixer
  17. Three songs in your iPod right now?
    Impregnable Question“- The Dirty Projectors, “Dreams“- Fleetwood Mac, “Love and Happiness“- Al Green {links go to spotify}
  18. Three fav places to eat out?
    Momofuku Noodle Bar (NY), The Stanton Social (NYC), Pizzeria Mozza (LA)
  19. Food celeb you want to make out with?
    John Gregory-Smith
  20. Favorite food sites (besides TasteSpotting, of course)
    CookieAndKate.com, JoyTheBaker.com, SmittenKitchen.com, TheVeganStoner.com, munmunmunch.tumblr.com, eater.com, grubstreet.com

That’s Georgia!

Despite all our efforts to deny it, summer is indeed coming to a close, so we only have a few more days with Georgia before she heads back to Providence to start her sophomore year. Yes, we are devastated and have no idea how we will survive without an excuse to take our intern to a two-hour lunch every day.

p.s. 20 Questions with… is a new feature in which we’re hoping to spotlight interesting people who have great taste. Know someone we and the rest of the food-wide-web should get to know? Send me an email (sarah at tastespotting dot com) with a suggestion and I’ll chase them down!

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