20 Questions with Jessica Chan – TasteSpotting’s Fall Editorial Intern

peach shortcake
Oh, did we forget to introduce TasteSpotting’s Fall Editorial Intern to you?


We were so excited to have Jessica on board that we set her right to work with some moderating and blogging (you’ve probably already seen her Brown Sugar Cookies and the Shortcakes pictured above!) So before we get too much further into the semester, we’d like for you to get to know Jessica Chan via 20 Questions…

20 Questions with Jessica Chan

      1. Daily occupation?
      2. Location?
      3. Three words to describe you?
        Perfectionist, determined, dreamer
      4. Getting personal now…Last thing you ate?
        Scoop of mint ice cream
      5. Breakfast: sweet or savory?
        Savory, definitely.
      6. Your go-to lunch or lunch spot?
        A really good sandwich
      7. What do you get on your pizza?
        Ham, tomatoes, and cheese
      8. Guilty pleasure food?
      9. I absolutely will not eat ___
      10. If you won an all expenses paid trip, you’d eat your way through…where?
        New York City
      11. Drink of choice?
        Citrus smoothie
      12. Do you caffeinate? How/where?
      13. Do you cook/bake? If so, your signature dish?
        Always! I try to bake as often as I can. My family loves this Chocolate Cake Roll.
      14. Three things in your refrigerator right now?
        Tart shell dough, sourdough starter, and lots of apples
      15. Fav kitchen gadget/tool?
        KitchenAid stand mixer, by far!
      16. Three songs in your iPod right now?
        Tennis Court | Lorde, Still | Daughter, Running If You Call My Name | HAIM {links go to spotify}
      17. Food celebrity or chef you admire the most?
        Amanda Hesser
      18. Book or cookbook you’re really into right now?
        Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson!
      19. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, your favorite side dish?
        I don’t make it, but I love mashed potatoes
      20. Favorite food sites (besides TasteSpotting, of course)
        Always with Butter, La Buena Vida, Sprouted Kitchen, Manger, and Food52.

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