Leek and Porcini Risotto


Leek and Porcini Risotto ... who needs meat?

Leek and Porcini Risotto ... who needs meat?

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This recipe was so good...and so easy! Previously, I was a bit intimidated by making risotto...it just seemed like it would take a lot of time and effort. After making this recipe, I realized that you can be doing other things in the kitchen while making risotto (and sipping on a glass of wine while stirring can make it even more fun!) Cuizoo's directions were easy to follow. I used homemade chicken stock from my freezer and added in some grilled, local andoullie sausage that I wanted to use up (although it would have been awesome on its own). Can't wait to make more Cuizoo recipes!

By lizardmama

Thanks lizardmama!

By cuizoo

This was an amazing meal! I was lucky enough to have it prepared for me by the woman behind Cuizoo. I fancy myself a good Risotto maker, but the simplicity and rich textures of this outperforms anything I can stir up. A wonderfully flavorful all local meal!

By colecamplese

Is there anything better than a well prepared risotto? I love how Cuizoo writes all of their recipes- each one is laid back and approachable. While I've always been intimidated by risotto, this posting has just inspired me to give it a try. Since I have a mushroom hater in my house, I'm drawn to the Saffron Risotto with Shrimp. Here's to multi-tasking with a glass of vino!

By jbray

Jenn... a pinch of saffron in the broth is all you need. And maybe some peas and flat leaf parsley stirred in at the end (if the man can handle the green).

By cuizoo

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