Beef Wellington Like Gordon Ramsays

Beef wellington...Gordon Ramsay version..awesome!

Beef wellington...Gordon Ramsay version..awesome!

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This looks amazing, and I appreciated the video by GR. I'm one of foodbuzz's 24,24,24 for April, and I've been thinking of making beef wellington for my dinner. This is the only recipe I've found that uses mushrooms and not pate (and I would love pate, but I don't know most of the guests that will be here and what their preferences are). Beautiful photo!

By thewickednoodle

Thanks...I actaully thought that GR did an awesome job presenting it in his video. I found that it wasn't very difficult executing it myself at home. I think I would love pate myself, but I agree that mushrooms are a safer bet.

By ellie36

can't wait to try it!

By erbarlow

and i bet y'all will do MUCH better with this Beef Wellington than what we tasted when we got to sit in the "audience" dining room for a taping of one of the episodes of Hell's Kitchen.


By sarah

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