Red Velvet White Chocolate Chambord Trifle

Red Velvet and White Chocolate Chambord Trifles

Red Velvet and White Chocolate Chambord Trifles

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I made this recipe for Christmas lunch dessert and it will be my "go to" dessert for holidays for a long time! I loved the touch of raspberries and the raspberry jam filling. It enhances the flavor of the Chambord very nicely. But that's the beauty of cooking and baking-you can customize it to your particular tastes.I love the fact that it's a make ahead dessert which leaves more time for visiting with company. For Valentine's day I'm planning on turning this into cupcakes. My cake baked 5 minutes more which I don't think is a big deal. Ovens are so different.

By bakergirl10

What is the recipe?

By wrose

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